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Multiple Files Printer and Scheduler 4.0.0


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Description of
Multiple Files Printer and Scheduler
Batch Printer and Scheduler is an innovative software tool developed to help organize printing process in offices. This unique printing software has been provided with whole lot of advanced features to make printing process organized. Most important feature of the Software is it allows the user to Schedule printing tasks as per the need. Users can Schedule printing tasks by simply clicking on ‘Open Scheduler’ button and add files, printer settings and date and time of printing in Scheduler window. This facilitates easy printing of Multiple files as per the schedule. Apart from Scheduling feature, the tool boasts of many other features which make printing process fast and orderly. To print multiple files users first need to add different printable files by clicking on ‘add files’ or ‘add folder’ button. After clicking ‘add files’ button user needs to select files which need to be printed while on clicking ‘add folder’ button all files contained in the said folder get automatically added. Now the user can simply select the printer from list of printers and click on ‘print’ button to get the prints. Another feature is ‘Directory Watcher’ which tracks the files for print in specified directory. These advanced features makes this Batch printing software highly adept at tasks like multiple printing, Schedule printing, Batch printing etc. The software is adept at printing files in formats like doc, docx, asp, html, xls, xlsx, ppt, pdf, pptx, rtf, txt or images in formats like jpg, bmp, exif, eml, psd, png, gif, tiff etc.
Utility of this advanced printing software is immense in present scenario. Offices rely heavily on computers for smooth conduct of work and need large scale printing. Need is always felt to organize printing process. Recognising this need, we have come up with this efficient batch printing software, ‘Batch Printer and Scheduler’. This software is one stop solution for all printing problems.
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Multiple Files Printer and Scheduler
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Author: Windowindia
License: Shareware
Price: $49
File Size: 5.3 MB
Downloads: 36

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